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The search engine for your IT


‍Welcome to the IT-Guru search engine,

I'm Siegfried Pauker, an official IT guru for 13 years and an IT and IT expert with over 17 years of industry experience. As an IT generalist, I help & accompany companies across the board as an outsourced IT department, and I am also always available to private users.

It struck me that due to the increasing complexity of technology, customers not only need professional advice, but in many situations also an advisor on how and which service or which product works ideally with one or the other or works with one another or sometimes synchronized. In a word, a harmonized "infrastructure"

Exactly this help you get through our search engine and the coordinated offers. Special feature, you can not only buy products but also services directly in our online shop.

You will also find subscriptions as a payment option for various offers.

If you have any further questions, just give me a call or send me a message on the various platforms available.


Pauker, your IT-Guru

Your EDV-Guru (IT-Guru)

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‍For private users & companies of all sizes.


Offers of qualified services and products from the IT industry. Conveniently everything in one online shop.

Search by keyword, your solution, manufacturer, or even your state or location!


Click "Search" in the menu, and then use the search box.

The search engine for your IT

Your EDV-Guru

‍You will find IT gurus & EDV-Guru certified companies that round off their services and products with EDV-Guru additional offers under your individual brand.

Overview of IT gurus in your area.

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Unsere Infrastruktur und Bemühungen in Zahlen - 2020

Unsere Kunden haben mehr Zeit für die wirklich wichtigen Dinge im Leben

Im Jahr 2019 und die Jahre davor haben wir unsere Zeit, die wir für unsere Kunden einsetzen noch relativ einfach dokumentiert, im Jahr 2020 gehen wir einen Schritt weiter, Richtung vollautomatisiert, um noch mehr Zeit für unsere Kunden zu gewinnen und dem "Papierkram" lebewohl zu sagen

Monatliche Daten Statistiken von unserem Hochleistungs - Webserver im Rechenzentrum

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